Meeting between OpenFn & a2i, Bangladesh

On May 8, 2023, the a2i program and OpenFn had an introductory meeting to discuss how OpenFn can be utilized to explore collaboration opportunities with a2i. OpenFn is an enterprise integration platform built on top of the OpenFn integration toolkit, which includes dozens of actively maintained open-source software projects and is recognized as a digital public good. 

Through a2i’s collaborative platform South South Cooperation, governments, private sector organizations, experts, UN agencies, and academics exchange knowledge, experiences, and expertise through peer-to-peer learning on public service innovation. a2i, in collaboration with the Chief Digital Office, facilitated the matchmaking, and OpenFn is listed as a solution in the Digital X Solution catalog. 

Mr. Taylor Downs, Chief Executive Officer, and Founder, delivered the opening and welcome remarks, highlighting the benefits of public good. Mr. Tanvir Quader, Technology Analyst, discussed a2i’s main areas of interest in public goods and overall challenges. Dr. Shabnam Mostari, Health Innovation Coordinator, was also present at the meeting.