Knowledge-sharing session for Crisis Bureau/RSHM Dakar Hub, Senegal

On March 27, 2023, the a2i programme collaborated with Crisis Bureau/RSHM Dakar Hub, Senegal to organize a virtual knowledge-sharing session for Dakar Hub, Senegal CO Colleagues. The session aimed to introduce NISE (National Intelligence for Skills, Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship), MuktoPaath, and myGov platforms developed by the a2i programme.

NISE is a platform that matches unemployed youth with skills providers and industries, MuktoPaath offers quality education and employment opportunities to underprivileged communities across the country, while myGov provides digital services from various government organizations on a single platform. All these citizen-centric initiatives can be beneficial for Senegal’s digital transformation which can enhance the country’s prosperity.

Mr. Asad Uz Zaman, Strategy & Innovation Specialist of the a2i programme delivered the opening and welcome remarks, highlighting the initiatives’ benefits for Senegal. Mr. Stephan Amani, Regional Specialist on policy and programme, livelihood, economic recovery, and HM, Crisis Bureau/RSHM Dakar Hub, discussed Senegal’s main areas of interest in digitalization and overall challenges.