Strategic meeting between Uzbekistan & Bangladesh

South South and Triangular Cooperation plays a vital role in knowledge transferring, policy and intergovernmental support, and capacity building around the countries in the global south. The South-South and Triangular Cooperation (SSTC) Team, SDG Integration (SDGi), Bureau for Policy and Programme Support (BPPS), UNDP, and a2i, Bangladesh has initiated discussions to replicate the best practices of the a2i programme, Bangladesh in Uzbekistan. UNDP Uzbekistan has done remarkable work that has synergies with the initiatives run by a2i programme, UNDP Bangladesh. In light of this, 5 good practices of a2i, such as Civil Service Reform, National Portal, Digital Centre, NISE, and MuktoPaath, have been demonstrated to respected officials of the Ministry of Digital Technologies, Uzbekistan and UNDP Uzbekistan Country Office. UNDP Uzbekistan has onboarded the Ministry of Digital Technologies, Uzbekistan, and a strategic meeting was conducted between the Ministry of Digital Technologies, UNDP SSTC HQ, UNDP Uzbekistan, and a2i programme on May 10, 2023. Henceforward, further knowledge-sharing sessions will be conducted, the actual replication of best practices, and collaboration and partnership between Bangladesh and Uzbekistan will be strengthened.

 Mr. Saitov Dilshat Sultanmakhamatovich, Head of Division, Division for Cooperation with International Organizations on e-Government in Uzbekistan expressed keen interest in collaborating with Bangladesh for organizing training, virtual meetings, and workshops. The opening remarks were done by Ms. Juliana Gargiulo, Policy Specialist, SSTC Team, BPPS, UNDP, and the representatives from the Ministry of Digital Technologies of the Republic of Uzbekistan. They highlighted the benefits of these initiatives for Uzbekistan. Mr. Jakhongir Shukurov, Head of Strategic Development Department, Mr. Anvar Khudayev, Deputy Director, E-Government Projects Management Center, and Mr. Zukhriddin Shodmonov, Deputy Director,  Digital Economy Research Center discussed Uzbekistan’s main areas of interest in digitalization and overall challenges. Mr. Mohammad Salahuddin, Deputy Secretary and Project Analyst of a2i briefly highlighted the Digital Transformation of Bangladesh accelerated by a2i over the past decade. 

 The strategic meeting ended with commitments from both countries to work together for the efficient delivery of public services to their citizens.