Country: Afghanistan

Afghanistan Central Civil Registration Authority (ACCRA)

Country: Azerbaijan

Ministry of Digital Development and Transport

Country: Bangladesh

People's Republic of Bangladesh

Country: Bhutan

Ministry of Information and Communications

Country: Bosnia Herzegovina

Civil Service Agency Fbih

Country: Cambodia

Ministry of Civil Service

Country: Canada

The Voice of Canada's Colleges And Institutes

Country: Ethiopia

Central Statistical Agency

Country: Fiji

Ministry of Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation

Country: France

OECD Better Policies For Better Lives

Country: India

Maharashtra State Innovation Society

Country: Jordan

Education For Employment

Country: Kazakhstan

Astana Civil Service Hub

Country: Kenya

Ministry of Education Science and Technology

Country: Kyrgyzstan

State Personnel Service of The Kyrgyz

Country: Malawi

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

Country: Malaysia

Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi Ministry of Higher Education

Country: Maldives

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Country: Mexico

AMEXCID Agencia Mexicana De Cooperacion International Para El Desarrollo

Country: Namibia

Namibian Employer's Federation

Country: Nepal

Ministry of Labour Employment and Social Security

Country: Nigeria

Ministry of Budget and National Planning

Country: Paraguay

International Cooperation and Development

Country: Peru

Instituto Nacional De Estadistica E Informatica

Country: Philippines

Republic of The Philippnes Department of The Interior and Local Government

Country: Singapore

Temasek Foundation

Country: Somalia

Ministry of Communications and Technology (MOCT)

Country: Sri Lanka

Citra Social Innovation Lab

Country: Tajikistan

Agency of Civil Service

Country: Thailand

Bureau of Reproductive Health, Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health

Country: Tunisia

National Board of Family and Population, Ministry of Public Health

Country: Turkey

Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services (İŞKUR)

Country: Uganda

Ministry of Education and Sports