Knowledge sharing session between UNDP Iran and a2i, UNDP Bangladesh

On June 1, 2023, the a2i programme collaborated with UNDP Iran to organize a virtual knowledge-sharing session for colleagues in Iran. The purpose of the session was to address Iran’s interest in learning about the digital transformation journey of Bangladesh. During the session, the a2i programme introduced two key platforms: NISE (National Intelligence for Skills, Education, Employment, and Entrepreneurship) and the National Portal.

NISE serves as a platform that connects unemployed youth with skills providers and industries. It aims to bridge the gap between job seekers and employment opportunities. Additionally, the National Portal serves as a centralized platform for all national public services, catering to citizens and various stakeholders. It enables citizens to conveniently access and utilize various government services, ultimately fostering a more efficient and citizen-centric governance system.

During the knowledge-sharing session, the colleagues from UNDP Iran discussed Iran’s primary areas of interest in digitalization and the challenges they face. Additionally, the benefits and positive outcomes of these initiatives were presented that emphasized their potential value for Iran.

The session aimed to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange, enabling Iran to gain insights from Bangladesh’s digital transformation experience. By sharing successful practices and lessons learned, both countries can work together to enhance their digital capabilities and overcome common challenges.