Meeting between Kolibri & a2i, Bangladesh

On June 5, 2023, the a2i program and Kolibri had an introductory meeting to discuss how Kolibri can be utilized to explore collaboration opportunities with a2i. Kolibri is a versatile collection of accessible solutions designed specifically to facilitate learning for the portion of the global population that lacks internet connectivity. At its core is an offline-first learning platform compatible with a range of affordable and outdated devices. The Kolibri Product Ecosystem comprises a curriculum tool, an open library of educational resources, and a resource toolkit aimed at aiding training and implementation in formal, informal, and non-formal learning settings.

Through a2i’s collaborative platform South South Cooperation, governments, private sector organizations, experts, UN agencies, and academics exchange knowledge, experiences, and expertise through peer-to-peer learning on public service innovation. a2i, in collaboration with the Chief Digital Office, facilitated the matchmaking, and Kolibri is listed as a solution in the Digital X Solution catalog.

Mr. Mehdi Hassan, e-Learning Associate, highlighted the benefits of Mutopaath which is an eLearning platform. Mr. Tanvir Quader, Technology Analyst, discussed a2i’s main areas of interest in public goods and overall challenges.