Building Hope: Digital Jobs Platform for Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, like most other developing nations, faces youth unemployment, limited job opportunities, and challenges integrating Syrian refugees. The government aims to address these issues for economic stability. Syrian refugees in Jordan face employment challenges due to legal restrictions and limited job opportunities. A digital job platform is essential to connect them with potential employers, offering a lifeline for financial stability and self-sufficiency while mitigating the hardships of displacement.
This put in motion a collaboration among a2i Programme of Bangladesh, UNDP Jordan and Ministry of Digital Economy & Entrepreneurship (MoDEE), Jordan to develop a digital platform to enable the Syrian refugees with skills development and employment opportunities. a2i Programme’s National Intelligent for Skills, Education, Employment, and Entrepreneurship (NISE) platform was customized based on the requirement of the target communities locally known as Digi Maharat in Arabic language. The UNDP Crisis Bureau, NY, provided technical support for the piloting phase, and a2i provided knowledge and advisory support. Through joint collaboration of a2i, UNDP Bangladesh, MoDEE and UNDP Jordan; the portal is witnessing further development.