Start to Finish (S2F) Service Delivery Tracker’ was launched in Fiji in 2017

Bangladesh is using ICTs as an enabler and empathy as the catalyst; and service delivery mechanisms are being innovated making essential public services available to citizens. a2i has successfully established Digital Centres (One Stop Service Centers) and ‘National Portal’ in Bangladesh for that, amongst other successful innovative service delivery initiatives.

South-South Cooperation (SSC) is a growing dimension of international cooperation for development. a2i shares the insights gained from its work since 2007 within the international community and has formed SSC arrangements with several countries.

Under SSC, a2i supported for rolling out the “Start-to-Finish (S2F) Service Delivery Tracker” to track applications to the Poverty Benefit Scheme (PBS) of Ministry of Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation of Fiji, to ensure better service delivery. In the mid of the 2017, UNDP Fiji, REACH project invited Mr. Forhad Zahid Shaikh in a 5 Days conference in Fiji as Innovation Specialist of a2i and UNDP Bangladesh for providing assistance in simplifying and designing the S2F Service Tracker System. The S2F Service Tracker implementation journey started then and an inter-office Memorandum was signed between UNDP Bangladesh and UNDP Fiji in 2017 for developing S2F to support ‘REACH for Rural and Urban Fijians’ Project implemented by UNDP Pacific Office; and a2i piloted it in Fiji.

“S2F Service Delivery Tracker” is a web-based application including a mobile app for submitting online service request and tracking progress of service delivery by citizens. On the other hand, the concerned ministry and department authority (Service Provider) will be able to manage REACH Service schedule, right time auto notification (SMS or email) and can process the service delivery activities over online with the aim to achieve the TCV efficiency (reducing the Time, Cost and Visit of citizen for receiving the service).

The UNDP Fiji, REACH Project provided the fund and other implementation supports to the Ministry of Women, Children and poverty alleviation. Access to Information (a2i) of ICT Ministry of Bangladesh Government, supported by UNDP Bangladesh, provided the technical advisory and development assistance to the REACH, UNDP Fiji in this regard. The innovative service designing approach, a 4D methodology (Diagnose, Design, Demo & Develop) named ‘Digital Service Acceleration’, is proved very effective and exceptional here, in terms of rapid design and development support to Fiji e-Government Application. “S2F Service Tracking System” ensuring quality and involving concerned Fiji Govt. officials is a very good example of its success.

On 21st November, the launching event of the S2F service tracker was held in Fiji which was inaugurated by the Chief Guest, Dr. Josefa Koroivueta, honorable Permanent Secretary for Women, Children and, Poverty Alleviation of Fiji. Dr. Josefa termed the S2F application as “Under R&D stage, but ready to use” and specially thanked a2i and UNDP Bangladesh for this great operation and support. In a recorded speech, the Country Director of UNDP Bangladesh Mr. Sudipto Mukerjee congratulated both parties, for the fruitful collaboration under SSC.
Program Manager of REACH, UNDP Fiji Mr. Andrew Harrington, Chief Strategist (e-Governance) of a2i and Bangladesh focal point of S2F initiatives Mr. Forhad Zahid Shaikh, Local Development Specialist (Deputy Secretary) of a2i Md. Parvez Hasan and CEO of SoftBD Ltd. Mr. Atiqul Islam Khan were also present in the lunching event. Mr. Shaikh emphasized on the importance of TCV efficiency (reducing the time, cost and visit) as the major factor for successful implementation of this citizen-centric digital service. In his speech, he also appreciated the leadership of the Permanent secretary for this initiative.

Government of Fiji, with the support of UNDP Fiji, will derive the ultimate expected outcome for citizens and concerned organizations by successfully operating this service, as well as replicate it for other organizations if found effective. a2i and UNDP Bangladesh assured to continue the cooperation and supports. They believe that the collaboration between two countries and UNDP country offices would be further strengthened by such event.


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