Learning Visit by The Government of Somalia and UNDP Somalia 

A highly profiled delegation team consisting of 6 members from the Government of Somalia and UNDP Somalia paid a learning visit in Bangladesh from 12th to 15th November 2021, seeking to have in-depth knowledge about different IT-based innovative services developed by a2i, the Government of Bangladesh, and UNDP Bangladesh. The delegation team was led by H.E Abdi Sheikh Ahmed, Minister, Ministry of Communication and Technology, Somalia. The delegation visited IT-based initiatives namely National Portal, Civil Service 2041, myGov, 4IR-based future Skills, ek-Pay, Future of Work Lab, e-Commerce, Muktopath and e-Learning, eGov Planning, Empathy training, and public service digitalization support through Digital Service Design Lab (DSDL). They showed eminent interest in ekShop, e-learning, e-gov planning, and Empathy Training. They asked for advisory and technical support from a2i to replicate the IT-based initiatives in their country.

It is to be noted that National Intelligence Skills, Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship(NISE) platform has been replicated in Somalia as Shaqo Abuur in collaboration with the Ministry of Communication and Technology, Somalia, and UNDP Somalia.