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South South Network for Public Service Innovation is a collaborative platform where governments, private sector organizations, experts, and academics exchange knowledge, experiences, and expertise on public service innovation.

Developing countries and multilateral institutions are developing formal rules, informal norms and dedicated organizations to support Southern collaboration in – knowledge-sharing, peer-to-peer learning, capacity-building, technical cooperation and technology transfer. The SSN4PSI supports regional capacity building, documentation and research on public service innovation.

Governments, private sector organizations, experts, and academics.

The vision of the network is to effectively promote policy-level interventions and drive effective South-South cooperation in 6 areas, like - the Future of Service Delivery, Future of Civil Service, Future of Finance, Future of Work, Future of Data Innovation, and Future of Commerce.

The main objective of SSN4PSI is to provide a timely platform to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, experiences and expertise amongst relevant stakeholders – to harness innovations and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and other development goals. Besides, the specific objectives are:
  • Facilitate a comprehensive understating of the kind of service delivery innovations that create sustainable impact and process of creating that impact;
  • Institutionalize South-South and Triangular Cooperation in the Context of Public Service Innovations
  • Enable pathways from innovation prototyping to up-scaling;
  • Identify linkages between service delivery innovations and development leapfrogging;
  • Explore the role of public service innovations in the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals;
  • Enable match-making to catalyze partnerships among participating countries on public service innovations.

Matchmaking is a flagship activity of the Network. Through this methodology, countries that have successfully tackled public service challenges “export” solutions to countries that need them the most. The SSN4PSI has arranged a number of Matchmaking workshop where using this methodology successful matchmaking opportunities were generated.

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