An event, co-organized by the OECD Innovation for Development Facility, the South-South Network for Public Service Innovation (SSNPSI) and International Development Innovation Alliance (IDIA), will highlight innovations and the work of innovators across sectors from LICs and MICs. Specifically, a joined event aims at:
  1. Showcasing a selected number of specific innovations generated, tested and scaled in LICs and MICs.
  2. Highlighting mechanisms to support innovators in LICs and MICs and efforts to better understand LIC and MIC innovation contributions and outcomes in a participatory way rather than solely by imposing externally defined criteria and indicators.
  3. Discussing opportunities to further improve the support of LIC and MIC innovation with representatives from bilateral development agencies and philanthropic organizations.
  4. Engaging Innovation officers of bilateral development agencies with SSN4PSI to support the network and its objectives.
  5. Promoting South-South and Triangular cooperation.