Call for Applications: International ICT Innovation (i³) Fund

Dear Esteemed Recipients,

The Government of Bangladesh extends a cordial invitation to participate in the International ICT Innovation (i³) Fund, a pioneering initiative aimed at bridging the global digital divide and fostering citizen-centric technological advancements. This transformative endeavor has already made significant strides in enhancing e-governance, skills development, education, and various other sectors across numerous nations.

The i³ Fund stands as a beacon of innovation, empowering eligible governments and agencies to embark on a journey towards revolutionizing public services and forging a brighter, interconnected future. We invite you to seize this opportunity to join the ranks of those leveraging cutting-edge digital solutions to shape the landscape of global progress.

Are you prepared to ride the wave of innovation? Eligible entities are encouraged to submit their applications promptly via the provided link to embark on this transformative path.

Apply now at: https: //

Embrace the future of digital innovation with us.

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