Boithok – Video Conferencing, an innovation of ICT Division on Bangladesh

Boithok’ – a web based video conferencing platform. Boithok is hosted in national Data center, And maintained by the BNDA team. It enables the users to share their necessities, feelings through perfect instant secure video conferencing that creates a real scenario of a virtual meeting. This platform is completely secure and users’ data are entirely safe. Here no data/ recordings is stored outside of the country. One of the most important features of the Boithok platform is unlimited duration of the meeting. Honorable ICT State Minister instructed to extend it’s usage across govt offices, after upgradation and incorporating user comments/feedback. ICT Division, BCC, A2I and some other govt offices are using boithok on regular basis. 56+ live meetings were held in Boithok in last 2 months of 2021.

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