Webinar on “Building Digital Resilience to Support COVID-19 Pandemic Response, Recovery and Rebuilding”

A series of webinar titled “Building Digital Resilience to Support COVID-19 Pandemic Response, Recovery and Rebuilding” is going to be held on 30th June – 2nd July [Accra Time 10.00 am – 12.00 pm]

The rapid spread of COVID-19 cascades economic and social stress globally. Resilience is vital – on a personal, societal and economic level. Empowering our resilience, Digital Technology and Connectivity have emerged as essential tools. The fundamental shift to digital services and communication offers great potential and promise. For those without access to digital services and communication technologies, they risk the inability to receive timely medical, social, economic or other support. Thus, augmenting the issue of left behind with pandemic repercussions.

The IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) and eWorldwide Group (eWWG) invite the partners and stakeholders to participate the webinar titled: “Building Digital Resilience to Support COVID-19 Pandemic Response and Recovery”. The agenda is attached for reference.

Through this groundbreaking interactive webinar series, you will find renowned experts from diverse agencies that will share their experiences, practical knowledge, innovative digital solutions, national operational models for COVID-19 response and recovery efforts from Asia and the Pacific.

The objective of the webinar series is to help deepen our understandings through lessons learned and innovative policy reforms that will result in identifying partnerships and concrete actions plans and initiatives to strengthen Ghana’s digital resilience ‘response, recovery and rebuilding’ to the deadly pandemic.

The modality of the session will be interactive informal discussions on what are the challenges and opportunities in coping COVID-19 in respective sectors and countries from digital technology and connectivity perspectives and how we could develop partnerships and concrete action plans

The agenda are as follows:

26-06-20 – Agenda Webinar Series 1 GHANA

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