Knowledge sharing session between UNDP Democratic Republic of Congo and a2i, UNDP Bangladesh

In an effort to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange, the a2i programme joined forces with UNDP Democratic Republic of Congo to organize a virtual knowledge-sharing session. The session, held on June 13, aimed to address Congo’s interest in learning from Bangladesh’s remarkable digital transformation journey.

During the interactive session, the a2i programme introduced two key platforms that have played a pivotal role in Bangladesh’s digitalization process: myGov and SDG Tracker. Developed by the government of Bangladesh, myGov is a digital platform that consolidates all government services in a single location. This comprehensive approach has led to reduced paper usage, streamlined processes, cost savings, and improved service delivery efficiency.

Another platform showcased during the session was the SDG Tracker, a dynamic policy tool designed to monitor and showcase international progress in achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDG Tracker assists stakeholders, policymakers, government agencies, the private sector, civil society organizations, international organizations, and researchers in monitoring the progress made towards each SDG target. This valuable tool aids in prioritizing resource allocation and service delivery, ensuring effective progress toward sustainable development.

During the session, colleagues from the UNDP Congo engaged in discussions to identify Congo’s primary areas of interest in digitalization and shed light on their challenges. Furthermore, the session highlighted these initiatives’ numerous benefits and positive outcomes, emphasizing their potential value for Congo.

The ultimate goal of the knowledge-sharing session was to facilitate collaboration between the two countries and enable Congo to gain insights from Bangladesh’s successful digital transformation experience. By sharing best practices and lessons learned, nations can work together to enhance their digital capabilities and overcome common challenges. The collaboration between the a2i programme and UNDP Congo signifies a step towards harnessing the power of digital innovation and knowledge exchange to drive progress and development. Through such partnerships, countries can leverage each other’s expertise and experiences, paving the way for a more digitally empowered future.