“ASAN Application” was among the 15 best practices

“ASAN application” information system of the State Agency for Citizen Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan was included in the list of the best 15 digital solutions published by the UN South-South Network for Innovations in Public Services (SS4NPSI).

In this publication published in September, the most innovative digital solutions around the world were selected in 2021-2022 and recommendations were made for their application in other countries as successful practices. In addition to Azerbaijan, the digital solutions of countries such as Turkey, North Macedonia, Montenegro, South Africa, Philippines, and Uzbekistan were included among the projects and were presented at the Global South-South Development Exhibition held in the Kingdom of Thailand.

The South-South Network for Innovation in Public Services was established in 2017. The main goal is to create cooperation between public and private organizations, experts and scientists in the field of exchanging knowledge and experience on the application of innovations in public services.

It should be reminded that according to part 1 of the Decree No. 2232 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated August 21, 2020, the relevant state promptly records complaints about communal, road and transport problems of a public nature, current repair, beautification and cleaning of the infrastructure on an electronic map. A task was given to create an “ASAN application” information system, which ensures that the complaints are sent to the institutions and the results of the consideration of those complaints are monitored.

According to the order, the State Agency for Service to Citizens and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan created a system for the purpose of organizing, managing and improving the operation of the “ASAN application” information system, and launched a mobile application.


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